My Glass Heart

by Giana Lynn

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"My Glass Heart" is Giana Lynn's full length follow-up to her debut EP "Gianre". Written in just over one year, "My Glass Heart" is a collection of 10 uke-based pop songs which frames deep and sometimes dark lyrics in catchy pop melodies.


released July 11, 2017

All songs written by Giana Lynn

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Lopardo

Giana Lynn - Vocals, Ukulele, keyboards
James Farrell - Drums, Percussion
Ed Gainer - Upright and electric bass
Jim Lopardo - Guitars

Recorded at The Productions Studios of Sandbox Music Group
Cover Art By Patrick Higgins

© 2017 Sandbox Music Productions



all rights reserved


Giana Lynn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My Glass Heart is Giana's first full-length album. Categorized pop/folk, "deep pop" is more accurate. It features 10 songs written on the ukulele exploring long distance & not-so-long distance love, friendships, and self-reflection.

The thoughts, light and dark, that bounce around Giana's head are wrapped up in catchy melodies, making My Glass Heart a personal memoir she shares with you.
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Track Name: There Was You

Glistening windowpanes
I want to hear it now - how was your day?
Is it raining where you are too?
Can we feel the sunshine on a sunny day
in a way that feels together?
Can we feel the rainfall
before it all
fades away when I awake?

But who knows what could happen?
And who has made up all the rules?
Who says, who says, we can't be together?
It doesn't matter where you are.
It only matters where you'll go.
So I know, I know, we're good to go.
And I think it's worth the wait, anyway.

Far across the ocean,
far across the sea,
something amazing is waiting for me.
Can we watch the night sky
as it turns to day,
in a way that feels together?
Can we make the world stop
before we're caught
in this dream, and I awake?


We don't have to hide anything,
and, oh, through everything
there was you. There was you.
It doesn't matter what. It doesn't matter when.
I just wanna hear your voice.
It's always ringing in my head.
Could we be more than friends?

Track Name: Caffeine In A Glass Heart

Hey, it's cold. I'm cold. I don't know what to think.
You've got your arms around me and I can't seem to escape.
My feet are glued to the pavement.
What do we make of our predicament?
You don't deserve to be in a lonely girl's heart.
You'll get cut by the glass shards, 'cause she's broken apart.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh.

And you'll swing by anytime
And I know that you mean well
I just don't know that I mean anything.
And maybe it was just a kiss
Or maybe it means more than this.
Or maybe it's just something that I'm missing.

Hey, I see you there. I want you to be close.
But now I'm all conflicted. I don't want to overdose.
You sat with your arm around me.
I told you that it didn't scare me.
But now it seems to be complicated,
and I don't want to sleep in the bed we've created.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh.

And everybody's onto us
And they're acting suspicious
About our late night rendezvouses every night.
I don't know how to say to you
"I don't want this," but is that true?
I just seem to feel better when you are in the room.
Maybe that's a clue.
Ooh, ooh.
Oh, oh, oh.

Take it slow, you said. Take it slow.
You never know where this could go.
I'm trying to stick to my guns.
"No" it what I meant.
But how I feel might be irrelevant. (repeat section)
But how I feel might be irrelevant.
You're acting like such a gentleman.
But how I feel might be irrelevant.
I'm thankful for all the time we spent.
Track Name: Take Me To Paris

On a Sunday morning we could wake up -
Breakfast made, coffee in your cup.
Brush my hair aside, I wanna kiss you.
Tell me something I’ll believe is true.

Take me to Paris.
I'll pay for the flight tickets.
We'll fly across the world.
You won't wanna miss this.
No, no, no, no no.
No, no, no no no.
No, no, no, no no no.

On a Friday evening we could go out.
Nothing's stopping us but doubt.
Promise me something you won't retract.
It don't need to be grand, just don't take it back.


Let's take a chance and
go for a dance
by the Eiffel Tower.
Let's make memories
that will be
blissfully ours
and dream.

(Chorus 2)
Take me to Paris.
I'll pay for the flight tickets.
We'll fly across the world.
You wan't wanna miss this.
No, no, no, no.
Say yes, yes, yes, yes yes. Y
es, yes, yes, yes yes yes.
Ooh no, no, no no no.
No, no, no no no.
No, no, no no no.
Track Name: A Song To Carry On

I don't want to feel so small, and I don't want to climb this wall. So I wrote another song to carry on. I hear whispers "You're not good enough" and "You can't live on if you're not tough" all the stuff that makes it rough when you lose touch.

There's a scar on my heart, but it's not on my skin. Here's my art in the dark living proof that I've been here.


I hate my sensitive and stubborn brain that won't lead me anywhere but hurricanes where I'll sing in the rain despite the pain. I see missiles in the nighttime sky and at those times I don't wanna die so I try to rely on just one of those things being a lie.

There's a war we ignore just to keep some inner peace. That was me before I was sure that wasn't the life I should lead. Was I wrong?

Some days I wish I was somebody else. Someone with the strength to hang their dreams upon a shelf. Some semblance of security. Some money when you want to eat. And whether you make it isn't determined by whether or not you're everybody's taste. That leaves a bitter one in my mouth. I'd like to get up by my own two feet somehow.


I don't want to feel so small, and I don't want to climb this wall. So I wrote another song to carry on.
Track Name: My Glass Heart

My glass heart beating in shards all part of memories torn apart; decisions that weren't smart. Wounded veins bleeding in shame parades polluted by a thousand grains of sand poisoned by acid rains. It's how I'm wired. I'm tired.

When you tape something back together, it's never the same. No one wants a blurry picture inside a frame. No one wants to feel the wind on a rainy day. No one wants to slice their finger. It's safer away.

My glass heart beating in worlds afar weaker than discard art; a myriad of dense scars. Paper lungs drowning in cut off tongues, how could I be so dumb? Too many songs unsung. Eyes on fire. Am I a liar?


What do I know? I said I would grow, but glass only breaks in jagged mistakes. I want to be here but it's crystal clear that a life in vain is life all the same.

My glass heart beating in sorrys starts to crumble and break apart. I dust off my lock and chains. It's safer away.
Track Name: Marie
When I look back the
memories seem so blurred.
Maybe we only shared a
handful of words.
There was something
so intimidating
about the pure
flawlessness you were creating.

When I close my eyes sometimes
I cannot uphold my disguise.
And when I wake I
realize I want to cry,
but I guess that's just the price.

In the darkest
shadows a secret creeps.
All these years later and
still it's sewn so deep.
There is an infinite
list of things I've missed,
but you've probably
forgotten that I exist.


A piece of me was left in cake crumbs on the carpet.
I did everything in my power never to harp on it.
Oooh Marie. Oooh Marie.

It took only a grin
for a sin
to spread under my skin.
Ever since you win, you win.
Breath is thin. I'm on pins.

(Refrain 2)
If I close my eyes sometime
and sever all my wishes' ties,
I'll wake after those last goodbyes,
sans silent sighs,
and move forward feeling wise.


Outro: Oooh Marie. (4x)
Track Name: Saltwater Perfume
I'm tired of feeling rejected.
I'm tired of feeling dejected.
Feelings are always defective.
You've no clue how deeply I'm affected.

A night alone. It's all the same.
A night alone. Another game.
But maybe I am the one to blame,
For my eager leap into the flames.

See the sparkle fade from my eyes.
Another no; a new goodbye.
I'll backpack solo toward my demise,
The dirt on my shoes dusted with whys.

I'll shield you from my heavy gloom,
My dislikes, fears, my messy room,
The apples of my cheeks coated with the fumes,
Of saltwater perfume.

I'll never be number one.
What do I deserve after all I've done?
Could all my love ever be enough?
To excuse the darkness with which I'm stuck?

I've written too many fairytales
about how love always prevails.
My imagination's hurt me now.
What's the secret to love that never fails?


Can I give you all I am?
Can you sense my fear as I stand:
A lovesick girl with an outstretched hand,
An empty palm's wait for romance?

Track Name: I Won't Fall In Love With You

You've got a power plant mouth
and your focus isn't even of this galaxy.
I retract my fingertips so things don't tumble south.
Tugged by magnets in your eyes - obfuscating fantasy.
Our lips will never lock because I hid away the key.
I'll never know if your skin is velvet beneath your graphic tee.

We won't be sipping moonlight out of wine at 4am.
The only spark between us sits on the edge of your cigarette.
And I am not your fire.
And you are not my high.
There'll be no knot between our heartstrings
Tenderly tightly tied.
I don't care what the world is coming to.
I won't fall in love with you.

That chimney scent all around.
I hold my breath and close my eyes, won't give in to gravity.
Clueless as to how this flutter feeling came about.
The crinkled lines beside your eyes heighten nuanced artistry.
To know if your lips are charming's no necessity.
Whether or not your heart pumps honey doesn't concern me.

Do you dream?
Or do you breathe - inhale and exhale?
I promise if you try that you won't fail.
Hold my hand through a movie scene.
I won't slip into your nicotine.
Track Name: February

I've got a locket in my pocket
of memories, wine, a heart rate skyrocket;
coffee in the kitchen, but I'll sneak a kiss in.
Our story's just beginning.
You're my safe addiction.
I've got a very sweet memory
of who was gonna marry in February.
I know that it seems scary, but we'll be real wary.
I'll fly across the ocean, even temporarily,
but in the meantime-

I hope this song gets stuck in your head.
I'd rather be alive and not dead.
I'd always rather be kissing you instead,
but you went on and took back the things that you said.
And now I'm on your mind
because you listened
to this little song of mine.

I've got to confess. I've got a request.
I wanna tangle up in candlelight
and scramble up my mattress.
Pout under the covers - you're my only lover.
So close I'm seeing colors.
Lots left to discover.
I've got a very sweet memory
of who was gonna marry in February.
It's quite a lot to carry, but on the contrary,
I knew that we could conquer; it'd be literary...
but in the meantime-


Do you care to know I'm out the window?
Maybe I'm crazy.
The teddy bear that you gave me
is all I have when nights get black
when my skin calls to the drawer I won't open.
I'm broken, but I'll be stronger when...
but in the meantime-

Track Name: Drive

Get in the car and drive away with me.
Away from our jobs, our homes, our littered streets.
Let's gaze at the moon's reflection on the sea,
and dance away all our worries and our grief.

Get in the car and drive away with me.
Somewhere the sun is bright and friends are free.
Let's bask in the salty air, the summer heat,
and sing in the rain and laugh like in our dreams.

These are the years I wanna live
even if I'm scared of wherever I'm going.
I don't want to face regret.
I only want a future with our names on it.

Get in the car. Let's drive away tonight
somewhere we can sleep like everything's alright.
Watch the sparks fly as all our spirits rise;
our hearts so full they burst like dynamite.

Picture frames hold memories -
nostalgia stronger than a stormy ocean breeze.
Take my hand, let's dive right in.
Today we'll let our lives begin.


Let's go, let's go.
Let's get in the car and drive.
Let's get in the car and drive.